Management & Directors:

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Carlos R. Barillas

President and CEO

Carlos is Co-founder and CEO at GlobalPay Solutions and is directly involved in the expansion of new markets and partners. Carlos also leads the international marketing strategy for YoVendoRecarga.

He has over 30 years of experience in the creation and development of successful companies in Latin America. He has founded and managed eight prime companies in different industries, including an outdoor media company that became partner with Exxon Mobile and expanded its operations in Latin America and the Caribbean and was later acquired by a leading regional media group.

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Federico A. Barillas Sr.

Director and CFO

Federico Sr. is Co-founder and CFO at GlobalPay Solutions and is directly involved in the expansion strategy for YoVendoRecarga.

His financial background has helped him to start, finance and manage eight leading companies in different industries. He also has more than 30 years of experiencing managing companies from different industries, including multinationals, banks and companies in the agriculture sector. He was founder of an outdoor media company that became partner with Exxon Mobile and expanded its operations in Latin America and the Caribbean; a regional media group later acquired it.

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Federico J. Barillas

Director and CIO

Federico is Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at GlobalPay Solutions.
In his experience, he has been responsible for the development and negotiation of important strategic alliances for his company, such as PayPal Inc. MasterCard Worldwide, AES Corporation and major Mobile Network Operators in the U.S. and Latin America. He has been responsible for obtaining important licensing for GlobalPay Solutions and has drafted more than five international patent applications that were submitted to the USPTO and PCT. Federico graduated from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida and is currently leading the expansion and development of technology for new products and services at GobalPay Solutions.


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Banessa López

Accounting Assistant

Banessa graduated from Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador with an Engineering degree on Computer Systems and with pre-specialization in security management, backup and access control for virtualized environments; She has knowledge in maintenance of servers, networks and computer security. She has a graduate certificate in assertiveness in communication and digital information processing. She has skills in office management, eight years experience in administration, planning, automation of administrative and accounting processes, human resources, billing among others; She also has the ability to analyze and solve problems and at the same time learning from them.

At GlobalPay Banessa is responsible of administrative and human resources operations and management, information processing, financial availability control, personnel training for process implementation, inventory procurement management, reconciliations, YoVendoRecarga deposit analysis and validation and payment processing for Paga-Todo.


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Josué Chávez

Full-Stack Mobile Developer

Josué is a Technician who graduated from Escuela Superior Franciscana Especializada, he is a Microsoft Certified Professional specialized in the Microsoft .NET platform, has two MCTS certifications: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Data Access; And Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Service Communication Applications.

He has participated in regional projects such as the development of the Roles and Access Management System for SAB Miller (Honduras), the was directly involved in the development of a Change Table module for Airpak Western Union (Guatemala and Nicaragua), development of Windows 8 application CloudDay for Microsoft Costa Rica, WorkTime Manager for Windows 8 and Android, development of GeoPath for Android for the Omar Dengo Foundation (Costa Rica).

He works at GPS as Full-Stack Mobile Developer, specially focused on iOS Apps. He is responsible of the design and development of mobile applications, and backend architecture, APIs and processes.

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Daniel Chávez

Web Developer

Daniel Chávez is a Technician who graduated from Escuela Superior Franciscana Especializada. He has three certifications of the Microsoft Virtual Academy on Microsoft Visual Studio, Introduction to ASP.NET and Creating Web Applications in ASP.NET.

He has participated in projects of Web Development, Web Maintenance and as developer of Backend and Frontend in freelance projects.

Currently, he is the main Web Developer at GlobalPay responsible of the web maintenance and is also in charge of backend development focusing on the communications with the integration of the mobile applications. He is also responsible of the Anti-fraud verification and transaction processing of Paga-Todo.

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Gustavo A. Escobar

GATS Specialist

Gustavo is a Technician who graduated from Escuela Superior Franciscana Especializada. Has two MCTS certifications: ".NET Framework 4, Data Access" and ".NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications", and is Microsoft Certified Professional specialized in the Microsoft .NET platform.

The highlight on his professional experience has been around the development of Web Services and Systems in the .NET and Java platforms. He has had the opportunity to work for companies from different countries like El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Gustavo is currently in charge of the development of Back End Systems and Web Services. The main project he is in charge of is a Gateway for the exchange of information, which is currently connected to different web services (the GATS – GlobalPay Air Time Switch). He has been in charge of integrating the GATS with more than 30 operators in 14 different courtiers and is currently integrating the GATS with MNOs for the

For Gustavo, his work is his passion and his passion is his main interest.

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Willian Murcia

IT Consultant

Willian is a Computer Science Engineer who graduated from Universidad Politecnica de El Salvador. He specializes in Strategic Management in Information Technology and also graduated as a computer science technician specializing in development languages. His knowledge in networks and communications was obtained by taking the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), he has also reinforced his administrative and managerial skills in the area of computing, with the following seminars: PMI Project Management, Project Design and Evaluation, IT Governance: Fundamentals Seminar of COBIT V5.0 and is currently studying English. For project management and system design uses Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Visual Paradigm and SAP PowerDesigner; In programming the IDE you know you are using, Visual, eclipse and Netbean. He is proficient in the following programming languages: PHP, JAVA and Visual His knowledge in databases is focused on the ANSISQL standard and the RDBMS he handles effectively are: PostgreSQL, MYSQL, VISUALFOX, SQLSERVER and MICROSOFT ACCESS.

Willian has designed, developed and implemented different desktop and web systems for different companies applying different design patterns, has played different facets in the IT area, from technical support and maintenance, to system and network administrator, has defined and implemented security policies for the proper functioning of networks. He has carried out the deployment, maintenance and monitoring of the network gear: switches, routers, firewalls, has implemented Windows and Linux servers and efficiently integrated both technologies and he has held the position of University Professor for programming classes.

Currently Willian is responsible for network administration, as well as acting as a senior external consultant for GlobalPay Solutions.

For William, the closest thing to perfection is the pursuit of excellence through the Ubuntu philosophy.

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Carlos Geovanny Bolaños

IT Coordinator

Geovanny holds a degree in Systems and Computer Networks Engineering from Universidad Capitan General Gerardo Barrios of El Salvador, with specialization in ecommerce and online marketing. He has certification in tow modules CNA Cisco and has participated as a promoter in the Latin American festival of installation of free software.

He has important experience as a developer of inventory systems for micro enterprises and also as developer of online stores. Has excelled as a web developer on different platforms as well as server maintenance.

He is currently responsible for coordinating the IT Department at GlobalPay, managing the Windows Azure platform and maintaining the platforms in the cloud, as well as the connections with the different suppliers in the region. He is also in charge of supervising the processing through PayPal and Banco de America Central for Paga-Todo as well as its internal anti-fraud procedures.

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Rafael Chávez

Android Developer

Rafael is a Software Development Engineering Technician graduated from ESFE Institute. He has four certifications by the Microsoft Virtual Academy: Java: A Review of the basics, SQL Database Fundamentals, Development in Visual Studio and Java Script for experienced developers

Although Rafael has knowledge in many areas in software development such as Web development, back-end, front end and design and administration of databases, his main experience comes from the development of back-end systems and API’s for mobile applications.

Currently, Rafael works in the develpment, maintenance and improvement of, in the administration system for YoVendoRecarga and in the YoVendoRecarga Android App.

Rafael is also an autodidact, for him, knowledge is a treasure and considers himself a treasure hunter.

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Abel Izaguirre

Backend Developer

José Abel is a technician in Software Development, he graduated from the ESFE / AGAPE Franciscan Specialized School. He has a Microsoft Virtual Academy certification in Microsoft Visual Studio.

In addition, Abel has experience in the following programming language: PHP and the Laravel Framework. He has knowledge in Web Development, Back-End, Front-End, both in .Net and PHP / Laravel and the following database managers: MYSQL, SQL SERVER, PostgreSQL.

He is currently working on the development of the Back-End and Support of YoVendoRecarga.

He is always willing to acquire new knowledge because he believes that knowledge never ends, it is only perfected.

Marketing, Public Relations & Customer Service:

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Clara M. Velis

Head of Customer Service

Clara graduated with Degree in Graphic Design from Don Bosco University, has a Specialization on Digital Marketing Strategies. She started her professional practices at Embotelladora La Cascada.

In her work experience she has collaborated in the elaboration of labels for drinks in Embotelladora La Cascada. She has collaborated in the redesign of the website and creation of digital campaigns and content for Paga-Todo’s fan page.

She currently works in the Marketing and Design areas for YoComproRecarga as well as creating the design and development of graphic resources for the mobile applications developed by GlobalPay Solutions. She is head of Customer Service and any graphic design requirements within the company.

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Anabel Ayala

Head of Marketing

Anabel holds a degree in Graphic Design from El Salvador's Don Bosco University. She has done different marketing and design courses on different online learning platforms such as:

  • Facebook BluePrint: Global certification and training program for Facebook to achieve effective commercial results thanks to Facebook marketing and services.
  • Twitter Business Ads: Best practices to have a global reach with Twitter.
  • Google Adwords: Certification in Google Adwords where there are different ramifications for doing Internet advertising.
  • SmartBeemo: Techniques to generate demand and to sell by Internet (SEO, SEM).

Currently, Anabel is the Head of Marketing and Design of GlobalPay Solutions; she has excelled in the area of Social Media Marketing where she manages the advertising and guided marketing that is done for YoVendoRecarga.

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Emerson Ramos

Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Emerson is a professional Graphic Designer with pre specialization in branding for designers. He graduated from the Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador.He is a multidisciplinary designer focusing on multimedia design and has knowledge in Illustration , 2D Animation, Audiovisual Production, Photo Retouching, and 3D Modeler.

He has won twice, the PIXEL Pro Award on creative industries, in the area of video games given by the Government of El Salvador.

In 2017 he attended the INDIE Video Game Screenshake Trade Show in Antwerp, Belgic.

He did design and animation work for the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador and was a design consultant for FUNDE El Salvador. He created the regional photographic stock for World Vison El Salvador.

Before GlobalPay, he worked as a designer of casual tap and play games.

He now works in the marketing department as a graphic and multimedia designer generating digital content for RecarGO!