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We are solving the traditional Air Time TopUp distribution problems for Mobile Operators in Latin America and under developed countries using Seller & Buyer App.

The first & only App for selling domestic top-ups.

Free for users and MNOs.

Income generator for users.

One App for all mobile operators.

Eliminate commute to retail stores.

iOS & Android.

Eliminates cost of distribution for MNOs.

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API Envío de recargas

We are the first website where you can pay your bills and pay for your relative’s bills, top up your phone as well as family's phones, buy gift certificates and send donations, buy handsets and more, everything in the same place.

Payments from anywhere in the world.

Available 7/24/365.

Customer Service Innovation for your company.

Perfect tool for reducing late payments.

Transactions supported by PayPal, MasterCard & Visa.

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" is providing an innovative solution for relatives or friends who are out of El Salvador to support their loved ones in an effective manner so PayPal is pleased to be one of the payment platforms."


Senior Director of International e-Commerce for Paypal Latin America

Topping is the first SMS mobile to mobile cross border International Top Up service.


By setting the amounts to $1, $3 and $5 it allows us to gain confidence from the customers in favor of our system. It encourages the users to try the service.


It is less probable that a user will open a claim against the operator because of the low amounts, thus, having lower amounts is beneficial for the duration of the project.


We also believe that by having lower amounts, the users will be predisposed to send air-time, and thus send Air Time to several relatives and not only one.


We know that by limiting funding amounts, Money Laundry Risk can significantly be mitigated.

Recar-GO! is the first Augmented Reality Game for Mobile Network Operators, designed to increase sales, loyalty and acquisition of new customers

Its attraction and viral potential has been proven worldwide thanks to other games that use this technology. Recar-GO! allows its users to win real prizes in real time and with immediate delivery to their phones, giving them enormous satisfaction due to the instant gratification.


You only need to verify your phone number.


The map will show your location.


You can send a Top Up request to sellers of


Discover prizes nationwide


You can locate traditional points of sale (pharmacies, stores, etc.)


You can find a seller of YoVendoRecarga near you.

GlobalPay Air Time Switch


The GATS® is the center core of the operations.



It’s a platform where commands are processed and forwarded to the right party involved in the transaction.


It processes the transactions by keeping a record of the balance and record for each integration.

23 NYCRR Part 500 | CCPA | CDSA CFTC 1.31 | FDA CFR Title 21 Part 11 FERPA|FFIEC|GLBA|GxP| HIPAA/HITECH | HITRUST | MARS-E MPAA | NERC | SEC 17 a-4 | SEC Regulation SCI | Shared assessments SOX | TruSight



It keeps track of al transactions from Rocket, Paga-Todo, Topping and YoVendoRecarga.


It is also the place where Aggregators, Banks, Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators from around the world are integrated so transactions can be done in real time.

Recent News

GlobalPay Solutions at the Mastercard LAC Technology Conference Miami 2024-
July 08th 2024

Advancing Financial Inclusion: GlobalPay Solutions Showcases Rocket's Impact at Mastercard LAC Technology Conference Miami 2024

GlobalPay Solutions had the honor of participating in the Mastercard LAC Technology Conference Miami 2024, contributing to the Financial Inclusion Panel. Our CEO, Federio J. Barillas, was a keynote speaker, sharing insights on how our flagship platform, Rocket, is driving financial inclusion across Central America.

Key Highlights:

Digital Financial Ecosystem:
Rocket offers a comprehensive digital financial ecosystem, including e-wallets, POS systems, mobile top-ups, bill payments, digital purchase orders, micro-insurance, and micro-loans. These services empower MSMEs by providing essential financial tools that streamline operations and enhance access to affordable credit.

Partnerships and Expansion:
Rocket’s successful collaboration with Mastercard and local distributors, was highlighted. These partnerships have been pivotal in digitizing order processes and offering prepaid Mastercard cards, creating a more complete and attractive product for our users. Plans to replicate this model in Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico were also discussed, emphasizing the regional growth strategy.

Impact on Underserved Populations:
A significant portion of Rocket’s client base includes underserved segments such as women (74% of current clients), youth, and rural communities. These efforts have proven to be transformative, as each shop served by Rocket impacts an average of 262 individuals, enhancing convenience and reducing travel time and costs for customers.

Innovative Solutions:

Rocket’s pioneering role as the first multi-operator top-up platform in the region was showcased. The evolution from scratch cards and USSD phones to a sophisticated app-based system on Android and iOS was highlighted as a key innovation driving financial inclusion.

Lessons Learned and Challenges:
Key lessons included the importance of robust partnerships and continuous innovation. Challenges such as expanding digital literacy and integrating new technologies in regions with varying infrastructure levels were also acknowledged.


GlobalPay Solutions remains committed to transforming the financial landscape for MSMEs in Central America. Our participation in the Mastercard LAC Technology Conference underscored our dedication to financial inclusion and the digitization of MSME operations, driving economic growth and prosperity in the region. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Mastercard and other partners to expand our impact and reach.

GlobalPay Solutions en la Conferencia de Tecnología LAC de Mastercard Miami 2024

GlobalPay Solutions tuvo el honor de participar en la Conferencia de Tecnología LAC de Mastercard Miami 2024, contribuyendo al panel de Inclusión Financiera. Nuestro CEO, Federico J. Barillas, fue uno de los ponentes principales, compartiendo cómo nuestra plataforma insignia, Rocket, está impulsando la inclusión financiera en Centroamérica.

Puntos Clave:

Ecosistema Financiero Digital:
Rocket ofrece un ecosistema financiero digital integral que incluye billeteras electrónicas, sistemas POS, recargas móviles, pagos de facturas, órdenes de compra digitales, microseguros y microcréditos. Estos servicios empoderan a las MIPYMES proporcionando herramientas financieras esenciales que optimizan las operaciones y mejoran el acceso a créditos asequibles.

Colaboraciones y Expansión:
Se destacó la exitosa colaboración de Rocket con Mastercard y distribuidores locales. Estas asociaciones han sido fundamentales para digitalizar los procesos de pedidos y ofrecer tarjetas prepagadas Mastercard, creando un producto más completo y atractivo para nuestros usuarios. También se discutieron los planes para replicar este modelo en Guatemala, Honduras, Panamá, Costa Rica y México, enfatizando la estrategia de crecimiento regional.

Impacto en Poblaciones Desatendidas:
Una parte significativa de la base de clientes de Rocket incluye segmentos desatendidos como mujeres (74% de los clientes actuales), jóvenes y comunidades rurales. Estos esfuerzos han demostrado ser transformadores, ya que cada tienda atendida por Rocket impacta en promedio a 262 individuos, mejorando la conveniencia y reduciendo el tiempo y costo de transporte para los clientes.

Soluciones Innovadoras:
Se presentó el papel pionero de Rocket como la primera plataforma de recargas multi-operador en la región. La evolución de las tarjetas raspables y teléfonos USSD a un sistema sofisticado basado en aplicaciones para Android e iOS fue destacada como una innovación clave que impulsa la inclusión financiera.

Lecciones Aprendidas y Desafíos:
Las lecciones clave incluyeron la importancia de asociaciones sólidas y la innovación continua. También se reconocieron desafíos como la expansión de la alfabetización digital y la integración de nuevas tecnologías en regiones con niveles de infraestructura variables.


GlobalPay Solutions sigue comprometido a transformar el panorama financiero para las MIPYMES en Centroamérica. Nuestra participación en la Conferencia de Tecnología LAC de Mastercard subrayó nuestra dedicación a la inclusión financiera y la digitalización de las operaciones de las MIPYMES, impulsando el crecimiento económico y la prosperidad en la región. Esperamos continuar nuestra colaboración con Mastercard y otros socios para expandir nuestro impacto y alcance.

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GlobalPay Solutions at Mastercard Innovation Forum 2023
July 05th 2024
Innovative Payment Solutions for MSMEs: Rocket's Vision Unveiled at Mastercard Innovation Forum 2023

GlobalPay Solutions recently participated in the Mastercard Innovation Forum 2023, sharing Rocket’s vision on the panel “Partnering for Payment Acceptance in Micro and Small Businesses.” The event was filled with productive discussions and valuable learning experiences, highlighting the potential for innovative solutions like Rocket to transform payment acceptance for MSMEs. The enthusiasm and insights gathered promise a dynamic 2024, aiming to surpass the achievements of 2023.

Rocket is aiding micro and small businesses by providing a comprehensive digital payment ecosystem. Our platform offers e-wallets, POS systems, mobile top-ups, bill payments, and micro-loans. These tools enable MSMEs to accept digital payments seamlessly, enhance their operational efficiency, and access affordable credit. By digitizing transactions and expanding financial services, Rocket empowers underserved segments, including women, youth, and rural communities, contributing to financial inclusion and economic growth.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive financial inclusion and innovation in the fintech space!

#Innovation #PaymentAcceptance #RocketPOS

GlobalPay Solutions en el Mastercard Innovation Forum 2023

GlobalPay Solutions participó recientemente en el Mastercard Innovation Forum 2023, compartiendo la visión de Rocket en el panel “Partnering for Payment Acceptance in Micro and Small Businesses.” El evento estuvo lleno de discusiones productivas y experiencias de aprendizaje valiosas, destacando el potencial de soluciones innovadoras como Rocket para transformar la aceptación de pagos en las MIPYMES. El entusiasmo y las ideas recogidas prometen un 2024 dinámico, superando los logros de 2023.

Rocket está ayudando a los micro y pequeños negocios proporcionando un ecosistema de pago digital integral. Nuestra plataforma ofrece billeteras electrónicas, sistemas de punto de venta (POS), recargas móviles, pagos de facturas y microcréditos. Estas herramientas permiten a las MIPYMES aceptar pagos digitales de manera fluida, mejorar su eficiencia operativa y acceder a crédito asequible. Al digitalizar las transacciones y expandir los servicios financieros, Rocket empodera a los segmentos desatendidos, incluidas mujeres, jóvenes y comunidades rurales, contribuyendo a la inclusión financiera y el crecimiento económico.

¡Manténganse atentos para más actualizaciones mientras continuamos impulsando la inclusión financiera y la innovación en el espacio fintech!

#Innovación #AceptacióndePagos #RocketPOS

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GlobalPay Solutions at MasterCard Fintech After Office
July 05th 2024
GlobalPay Solutions Highlights Collaborative Opportunities at MasterCard Fintech After Office

On Tuesday, July 25, 2023, GlobalPay Solutions had the honor of participating in the first edition of “MasterCard Fintech After Office” In Sal Salvador. This event focused on discussing opportunities for collaboration between Fintech companies and various stakeholders, such as banks, in El Salvador. The economic potential of these partnerships was a key topic.

Invited by MasterCard as a speaker, GlobalPay Solutions discussed how banks can leverage digital platforms like Rocket to reach potential clients more efficiently. The discussion covered the integration of Fintech tools into traditional banking systems to enhance financial inclusion and drive economic growth.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Collaboration Potential: Exploring the synergies between Fintech and banks to unlock new economic opportunities.
  • Digital Tools:How banks can utilize platforms like Rocket for better customer reach and service efficiency.
  • Economic Growth: The impact of these collaborations on the broader economic landscape of El Salvador.

The evening was filled with insightful discussions and networking opportunities, aimed at driving innovation and collaboration in the financial sector.

#Fintech #FinancialInclusion #RocketPOS #MasterCard #ElSalvador #Innovation

GlobalPay Solutions en el MasterCard Fintech After Office
El martes 25 de julio de 2023, GlobalPay Solutions tuvo el honor de participar en el primer evento de “MasterCard Fintech After Office” en San Salvador. Este evento se enfocó en discutir las oportunidades de colaboración entre las empresas Fintech y diversos actores, como los bancos, en El Salvador. El potencial económico de estas asociaciones fue un tema clave.

Invitados por MasterCard como ponentes, GlobalPay Solutions discutió cómo los bancos pueden aprovechar plataformas digitales como Rocket para llegar a los clientes potenciales de manera más eficiente. La discusión abarcó la integración de herramientas Fintech en los sistemas bancarios tradicionales para mejorar la inclusión financiera y fomentar el crecimiento económico.

Puntos Clave de la Discusión:

  • Potencial de Colaboración: Explorar las sinergias entre Fintech y bancos para desbloquear nuevas oportunidades económica Herramientas
  • Digitales:Cómo los bancos pueden utilizar plataformas como Rocket para mejorar el alcance y la eficiencia del servicio al cliente.
  • Crecimiento Económico: El impacto de estas colaboraciones en el panorama económico más amplio de El Salvador.

La noche estuvo llena de discusiones perspicaces y oportunidades de networking, destinadas a impulsar la innovación y la colaboración en el sector financiero.

#Fintech #InclusiónFinanciera #RocketPOS #MasterCard #ElSalvador #Innovación

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